Todd Akin: Rove is "trying to get rid of conservatives"

"It basically helps kill the grassroots heart of the party," Akin said of the Conservative Victory Project

By Jillian Rayfield

Published February 13, 2013 8:53PM (EST)

Todd "legitimate rape" Akin finally weighed in on Karl Rove's and American Crossroads' efforts to ensure that another Todd Akin doesn't make it through a primary. “It may be another example of big-government conservatism, to try to bypass primaries,” Akin told the Hill. “If they were successful, it basically helps kill the grassroots heart of the party. I think it’s very non-constructive.”

Akin was responding to the Conservative Victory Project, an effort by Crossroads to fund mainstream Republicans in primary races to ensure that unelectable conservatives, like Akin, don't make it to the general election.

Akin added that the Conservative Victory Project is a "misleading" name, and the group “is trying to get rid of conservatives, which is very thinly disguised."

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