Kate Middleton to have a girl?

The Duchess of Cambridge may have given away the sex of her child

By Prachi Gupta

Published March 6, 2013 4:32PM (EST)

The media continues to grasp at straws in an effort to determine the sex of Kate Middleton and Prince William's first born. While talking to children in Grimsby, England, the Duchess of Cambridge accepted a a teddy bear from a woman and reportedly said, "Thank you, I’ll take that for my d--"

A bystander, 67 year-old Sandra Cook, then asked the duchess, “You were going to say daughter, weren’t you?”

“No, we don’t know,” Middleton replied.

But an update in the Huffington Post quickly deflates any semblance of the rumor:

"UPDATE: Wait, maybe it's a boy? A new report from the Grismby Telegraph complicates matters and suggests that perhaps Kate is expecting a son. Hull Daily Mail reported Katy Forrester tells the Grimsby Telegraph that she asked the duchess if the baby was kicking. "I swear she replied ‘Yes he is, very much so’ but no one else heard! Either I misunderstood it, or Kate is trying to confuse us all!" If so, she's definitely succeeded."

If Middleton's child is indeed a female, she will be the first child in line for the throne thanks to Queen Elizabeth's overturning of the historic Royal Marriages Act.

Prachi Gupta

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