Donald Trump to Michelle Malkin: "You were born stupid!"

The conservative commentator called the real estate mogul a "conservafraud"

Published March 22, 2013 8:45PM (EDT)

  (Richard Drew)
(Richard Drew)

Another day, another ten billion (eh, approximately) Twitter feuds for Donald Trump. Today's major battle comes by way of conservative commentator and Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin; it's notable only because Malkin and Trump reside (in name, at least) in the same part of the political spectrum.

Malkin provoked the attack when she dredged the past with Trump:

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A battle ensued:

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Trump also tweeted back his characteristically flat insults: "At least dummy is true!" and "You were born stupid!" at Malkin.

But Malkin and Trump have had beef for a while. When Trump was still on his birther kick, Malkin bashed him on "Fox and Friends," saying, "Donald Trump has built his entire empire in defiance of core Tea Party principles," such as his frequent partnerships with government on real estate projects. "It's time for those conservatives who've been flirting with Donald Trump to get serious themselves."

However, Malkin would be wise to remember that winning a feud with Donald Trump is a pyrrhic victory: at the end of the day, you still engaged with Donald Trump.

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