Neil Gaiman publishes "Down to a Sunless Sea" in the Guardian

The fantasy writer has released a story in the newspaper as part of its "Water stories" collection

Published March 22, 2013 5:32PM (EDT)

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Fantasy writer Neil Gaiman continues to maintain a ubiquitous media presence with the release of a new short story in the Guardian.

The story, "Down to a Sunless Sea," is part of the Guardian's "Water stories" series:

"The Guardian's short fiction project Water stories asks writers from around the world to distil the essence of modern life, charting the ebb and flow of our cultural existence to explore the element from which we are born and which has inspired writers since Gilgamesh crossed the Waters of Death"

The series launched on March 15 and includes a graphic story by Isabel Greenberg, a story by Argentine novelist Martín Kohan and others.

Gaiman's story is set on the banks of the Thames River in London, where "the bodies of cats and dogs and the bones of sheep and pigs down into the brown water," he writes.  But read it at your own risk -- "it's a bit creepy," tweeted Gaiman.

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