Bloomberg bankrolls national ad blitz on gun control

A $12 million campaign will target lawmakers who might be convinced to support gun control legislation

Published March 24, 2013 2:00PM (EDT)

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is funding a $12 million national ad blitz to target members of Congress who could potentially support Congress' gun control package. The ads will run in 13 states during the Easter recess, shortly before Congress takes up the legislation in April.

The New York Times reports:

In a telling sign of how much the white-hot demands for gun control have been tempered by political reality, Mr. Bloomberg’s commercials make no mention of an assault weapons ban once sought by the White House and its allies, instead focusing on the more achievable goal of universal background checks.

“You don’t want to lose everything in the interest of getting the perfect,” Bloomberg told the Times. He added: “The N.R.A. has just had this field to itself," but "It’s time for another voice.”

Some of the senators targeted  by the ads are Democrats slated for tough reelection battles in 2014, like Kay Hagan N.C., Mary Landrieu, La., and Mark Pryor, Ark, or Republicans in swing states, like Pat Toomey, Pa., and Rob Portman, Wis.

By Jillian Rayfield

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