John Roberts' lesbian cousin to attend Prop 8 hearing

Meanwhile, others have been lining up to get a spot at the hearings - and paying people to stand in their place

By Jillian Rayfield

Published March 25, 2013 12:41PM (EDT)

Chief Justice John Roberts' cousin, Jean Podrasky, who is a lesbian living in California, will be attending this week's hearings on Proposition 8, in the hopes that she will soon be able to marry her partner. “I am so excited,” she said. “I feel quite honored and overwhelmed.”

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Podrasky obtained the highly coveted courtroom seats by emailing Roberts’ sister, Peggy Roberts, and then going through his secretary. Roberts knows she is attending, she said. She, her partner, her sister and her niece will attend Tuesday’s arguments on Proposition 8. On Wednesday, her father will take her niece’s place for the hearing on the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Though Podrasky is ensured of a seat, plenty of people have been lining up for days to get a spot at the highly anticipated hearings - and some have even paid outside help to save their place in line.

From the New York Times:

By hiring companies like and Washington Express, people who want to hear the court arguments can pay for a proxy to hold their place in line hours or days ahead of time, improving their odds of getting a front-row seat to one of the most anticipated cases this year.

The second and third people in line on Saturday seemed indifferent about the cases and declined to give their names or say whether they were being paid to be there. One of them said it was his third time in line for a Supreme Court hearing, but he could not remember the other cases. He said he had been in line since Thursday; seat assignments are to be given out on Tuesday morning.

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