Little kids react with joy, existential dread to Grumpy Cat

The playground set weighs in on the curmudgeonly feline meme while tapping into the ambiguities of life

By Katie McDonough

Published March 25, 2013 8:57PM (EDT)


Here is what happens when little kids are exposed to Internet sensation Grumpy Cat: Some call her "adorable." Others: "scary" and "mean." Still others? "Poo poo milk cow cat."

Vulgarities aside, after watching a short clip of the sullen-faced feline, one particularly astute girl laments: "I thought there was something epic that was going to happen. I don't know what I thought was going to happen, but I didn't think it was just going to be that." See that? What started out as a stunt about viral memes ended up teaching one little girl an important lesson about the world's many anti-climactic disappointments.

Welcome to the rest of your life, preternaturally intelligent and emotionally perceptive young child!

Katie McDonough

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