Twitter parody mocks Antonin Scalia in wake of DoMA

The new account makes it easier to laugh at the justice's anti-gay statements

Published March 28, 2013 6:32PM (EDT)

Marriage equality hangs in the balance while Supreme Court justices deliberate after oral arguments presented in the Defense of Marriage Act hearing earlier this week. Though there is speculation on how "wild card" Justice Anthony Kennedy will vote, there are fewer doubts about what direction vocally anti-gay, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, possibly the most vile person in Washington, will swing.

Twitter has responded with a new account parodying the "evil hop frog;" some of the top tweets, below:

[embedtweet id="317338753972719616"]

[embedtweet id="317330221068070914"]

[embedtweet id="317326032359264256"]

[embedtweet id="317323353377607681"]

[embedtweet id="317321590318698496"]

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By Prachi Gupta

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