Sweden is totally down with gay athletes

A Swedish cellphone commercial tackles a topic that's been quietly brewing in the United States -- out gay athletes

By Katie McDonough

Published April 3, 2013 5:56PM (EDT)


Sweden. Wonderful Sweden.

The country always places in the top 10 of the world happiness index, has an expansive social welfare system, mandatory recycling and fika! And now, they have a cellphone commercial that casually addresses gay rights in professional sports.

Besides being overrun with lawmakers intent on eliminating our country's social safety net and an athletic culture with a dubious record on welcoming gay players, here in the United States our mobile ads just feature talking unibrows.

Sweden has shown us up again, it seems.

The ad, with translation, below.

Guy 1: Miss you, Theo Ekenborg.
Guy 2: Who's that?
Guy 1: It's -- it's my boyfriend. We're celebrating our one year anniversary.
Guy 2: Congrats! One year, that's not easy.
Guy 3: I know who it is. He's damn good looking.

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Katie McDonough

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