Evangelical pastor comes out in support of marriage equality

Jim Wallis says marriage needs "renewal" and "I think we should include same-sex couples in that renewal"

Published April 9, 2013 4:07PM (EDT)


Evangelical leader Jim Wallis, founder and CEO of Sojourners, has reversed his position on marriage equality, coming out to support equal rights for gay couples in a recent interview. The progressive-leaning Evangelical leader previously supported civil unions for same-sex couples, but now believes that gay marriage can strengthen the institution.

As reported by the Christian Post:

Wallis said he is worried about the decline of marriage and wants to strengthen it, but believes that same-sex couples should be included in that endeavor.

"I think we should include same-sex couples in that renewal of marriage, [but] I want to talk marriage first," Wallis said. "Marriage needs some strengthening. Let's start with marriage, and then I think we have to talk about, now, how to include same-sex couples in that deeper understanding of marriage. I want a deeper commitment to marriage that is more and more inclusive, and that's where I think the country is going."

The statement was prefaced by saying, "We are losing marriage in this society. I'm worried about that – among low income people, but all people. How do we commit liberals and conservatives to re-covenanting marriage, reestablishing, renewing marriage?"

When The Huffington Post asked Wallis to clarify if that meant he specifically supports same-sex marriage, Wallis answered, "yes."


By Katie McDonough

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