Gay Marine on DOMA: "Ours is not the military family that things happen easily for"

A Marine Captain awaits a transfer to Japan -- and a Supreme Court ruling on if his husband can move with him

By Katie McDonough

Published April 10, 2013 3:23PM (EDT)


Marine Captain Matthew Phelps on being transferred overseas and the invisibility of his nuptials under the the Defense of Marriage Act (emphasis mine):

All of my colleagues are getting ready to transfer, every single one of us is transferring somewhere. And they're all talking about making their arrangements and, you know, looking for a house and selling their home, moving with their wives. While they're worried whether or not the place they're moving to will accept the breed of dog that they've got, I am waiting on a decision from the Supreme Court to see if my husband is going to be allowed to move with me.

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