National Dems attack Sanford with "Appalachian Trail" ad

The DCCC launched an ad in South Carolina that focuses on Mark Sanford's affair

By Jillian Rayfield
April 19, 2013 12:36AM (UTC)
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National Democrats have waded into Mark Sanford's congressional race, launching an attack ad that references the "Appalachian Trail" and Sanford's affair during his time as governor of South Carolina.

The ad, called "A Walk," shows someone hiking through the woods, meant to signify "hiking the Appalachian Trail," or what Sanford staffers said he was doing when he disappeared from the state in 2009 and went to Argentina for an affair. Sanford "walked out on us, violated our trust, secretly used thousands of taxpayer dollars flying to Argentina and then lied about it," the ad says.


"Sanford paid the largest ethics fine in state history. Now he wants our trust again? Maybe Mark Sanford should just keep walking," it continues.

Though National Democrats are now involved in the race, Sanford has been abandoned by the DCCC's Republican counterpart, which announced Wednesday that it would not financially support him in the race. Outside groups have also said that they're staying out of it.

The Hill reports that the DCCC is spending around $205,000 on the ad.



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