10 good things about a horrifying week

Gay Boy Scouts, Wellesley, an epic "Star Wars" improv, classic Colbert, classic Lochte -- we salute you all

Published April 19, 2013 10:54PM (EDT)

Patton Oswalt
Patton Oswalt

The nightmare in Boston -- which shows no signs of lifting anytime soon -- makes this a week worth ruing. But there was also a massive fertilizer plant in West, Texas, that killed at least 12. There were ricin-laced letters reportedly sent to DC, targeting the President and a Senator. For those big majority of Americans who supported background checks for gun owners, a crushing defeat. And there were more sinkholes.

So here's a look at events from the past week to reaffirm your hope in human nature (or at least get you through another day).

1). It’s been a good week for LGBT rights. The Boy Scouts removed their ban on gay members (if not gay scoutmasters), and New Zealand passed gay marriage. National Party MP Maurice Williamson gave an epic speech in favor of marriage equality:

2). Stephen Colbert gave the world "Oopsy-Daisy Homophobe":

3). A top college basketball star comes out, no one bats an eye.  Baylor superstar Brittney Griner came out as gay, and according to the New York Times, a nation yawned.

4). Patton Oswalt riffed on "Star Wars" for 8 minutes straight:

5). Wellesley College admitted Katelyn Campbell, a West Virgina high school senior who stood up to her school's "slut-shaming" abstinence-only program:

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6). Chicago and New York set aside sports rivalries in support of Boston:

7. The ravaged Balkan peninsula came one step closer to regaining order in a milestone agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. From the New York Times:

Serbia and Kosovo reached an agreement on Friday aimed at overcoming ethnic enmities in the former Serbian province, a milestone that could enhance stability in the region and help clear the path for their eventual membership in the European Union.

8). The craziest sorority girl in America, went on a tear, and if you're offended, "I really don't give a fuck."

9). Uproxx created this video of badass Joe Biden being badass while exiting a car, looping to "Return of the Mack."

10. Fox News interviewed Olympic bro Ryan Lochte and then laughed about how bad it was for several minutes:

By Prachi Gupta

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