Chuck Woolery's Twitter meltdown over Islam

The game show host makes broad claims about Islam and strange insinuations about suspects in Boston bombing

By Daniel D'Addario
April 20, 2013 12:28AM (UTC)
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Chuck Woolery (Twitter)

The game show host Chuck Woolery -- famous for "Wheel of Fortune," "Love Connection" and a latter-day career as a self-styled conservative pundit on Twitter -- spent the afternoon raising insinuations about the degree to which the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were motivated by Islamic radicalism and the degree to which the media holds white Christians to a higher standard of scrutiny than Muslims. He concludes with a shocking but unsurprising canard about how "most, if not all terrorists are Muslims."

Next to nothing, aside from supposition and close-reading of Tweets, is known as yet about the possible motivations of the suspected bombers.


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