Larry Klayman: Muslims may be behind Texas fertilizer plant explosion

"Hardly a mention in the mainstream media of even the possibility of Muslim terrorism," he wrote

Published April 22, 2013 9:15PM (EDT)

Judicial Watch founder, conservative gadfly and birther Larry Klayman has some theories about the connection between the attacks in Boston, the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and even the Oklahoma City bombings. The short answer: Muslims.

In a post on the right-wing site RenewAmerica, Klayman argues that President Obama is responsible for the attacks in Boston because of political correctness, "orchestrated and furthered by Obama and his minions," because "Terrorists like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to avoid even the appearance of prejudice against Muslims, are even given scholarships to prestigious schools and entrees into other venues of American society, which they can use as cover for their plots."

He continued: "Nor was there hardly any mention on any station or other press entity of even the possibility that Muslim terror was involved in the huge explosion that occurred in West, Texas, where a fertilizer plant blew up Wednesday, just days after the Boston Marathon bombing."

From the post:

This intentionally "clueless" rendition of the likely cause of the blast continues to this day, despite the hard fact that fertilizer bombs are commonly used in the Middle East, were employed in the massive Oklahoma City federal building explosion – for which there was evidence that former Iraqi Sunni Muslim dictator Saddam Hussein played a role (I brought a lawsuit against Saddam Hussein and Iraq for the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing) – and that the blast occurred in West, Texas, the former home of none other than former President George W. Bush. What symmetry and deadly timing with the Boston Marathon bombing – yet hardly a mention in the mainstream media of even the possibility of Muslim terrorism. And, of course, Obama and his comrades – including the FBI – refuse to even acknowledge the possibility (or likelihood) that the two events are somehow tied to Muslim terrorism.

Via Right Wing Watch.

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