Rush Limbaugh: Boston bombing suspects influenced by "liberal elite intellectual thought"

Limbaugh says the Tsarnaev brothers were hanging around the "wrong people" in Boston: Other Bostonians

By Katie McDonough
Published April 23, 2013 8:03PM (EDT)
  (AP/Chris Carlson)
(AP/Chris Carlson)

After arguing the same point earlier that day, Rush Limbaugh once again accused American educational institutions and "liberal elite intellectual thought" of radicalizing young people in the United States -- including Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

In response to a caller who called Boston a "liberal hotbed" and suggested that the residents of Boston themselves were somehow to blame for the attack allegedly committed by the Tsarnaevs, Limbaugh ditto-headed him:

LIMBAUGH:  They do. They hang around people that don't like America, they get inspired or influenced by it somehow, and it's no wonder.  Look, folks, Boston's a hubbub of liberal elite intellectual thought, all the universities there.  And if you end up around the wrong people long enough and you're young enough and impressionable enough, then that kind of thing can happen.  It is an interesting point about the difference between liberals and conservatives.  Liberals will tell you what's wrong with the country from the founding.  Conservatives will say what's wrong with the country because of liberals, while telling you what's great about the country -- if the liberals would move out of the way.

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