Jon Stewart trolls Donald Trump

On Twitter, the real estate mogul is flipping out over a joke "The Daily Show" host made at his expense

By Prachi Gupta

Published May 3, 2013 5:53PM (EDT)

     (The Daily Show)
(The Daily Show)

In a segment on Wednesday night's "The Daily Show," comedian Jon Stewart mocked the notoriously thin-skinned birther Donald Trump, who recently proved to America that he is not the spawn of an orangutan:

The insult was not lost on Trump, who took to Twitter to respond:

[embedtweet id="330359969813770242"]

[embedtweet id="330360351726116864"]

[embedtweet id="330360907580448768"]

[embedtweet id="330361176162705409"]

Of course, "The Daily Show" capitalized on Trump's outrage:

[embedtweet id="330372182809133057"]

[embedtweet id="330373292651315201"]

The hashtag is picking up some steam:

[embedtweet id="330374382360875008"]

[embedtweet id="330375259821862912"]

[embedtweet id="330374042152468480"]

[embedtweet id="330372482827698176"]

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