Bill Kristol: Rove's ad attacking Hillary is just "fundraising"

"It’s ridiculous, there’s no campaign going on,” Kristol said

By Jillian Rayfield
Published May 13, 2013 5:37PM (UTC)
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Bill Kristol criticized Karl Rove and American Crossroads for an ad attacking Hillary Clinton's handling of the attacks in Benghazi, saying that the ad "is just fundraising by American Crossroads and these other groups. It’s ridiculous! There’s no campaign going on.”

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Kristol added that people should “pull the partisanship back. It’s a genuine outrage what happened in Benghazi, it’s a genuine outrage what the IRS did," so "I wish the Republicans would just be quiet for while — I mean, the partisan Republican groups that are fundraising off of this — would be quiet on both issues for a while, and let’s find out what really happened.”


Watch, via Raw Story:

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