A Sports Illustrated model's bizarre Farrah Abraham rant

Christine Teigen goes on Twitter jag shaming the "Teen Mom" starlet

By Daniel D'Addario

Published May 16, 2013 5:10PM (EDT)

Farrah Abraham, Chrissy Tiegen   (AP/Jeff Daly/Reuters/Carlo Allegri)
Farrah Abraham, Chrissy Tiegen (AP/Jeff Daly/Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

Talk about digging yourself deeper into a hole.

The model Christine Teigen, known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue appearances and for a Twitter presence that teeters between voluble and unhinged, went on a rant recently about the "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham's recent appearance in a "leaked sex tape." Over the course of a couple of hours, Teigen called Abraham -- whose recently released tape has raised questions over how intentional it was, and gotten her lambasted even by "sugar daddy" dating company CEOs -- vulgar names, expressed disbelief that her followers didn't want to join her in shaming Abraham, and instructed those who were offended to unfollow her.

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Eventually, Teigen began to realize she was losing the battle.

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Teigen clarified her thoughts in a long blog post, noting: "I’m not suggesting she gets locked up. I’m just saying society can say 'hmm, that’s not cool'. If you don’t agree that it’s not cool, then feel free to disagree."

For her part, Abraham has not commented on Twitter, while Teigen may have learned her lesson -- if not about what "slut-shaming" is or is not, about how to use Twitter to promote projects, then get offline.

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