White House trolls Republicans over Obamacare hashtag

GOP's #ObamaCareinThreeWords campaign takes a turn for the hilarious following ominous @whitehouse response

Published May 16, 2013 8:10PM (EDT)

House Republicans are preparing for a full floor vote on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday. In the meantime, they have started a Twitter campaign in the form of the hashtag #ObamaCareinThreeWords, to get opponents of the law excited about the vote.

It began with tweets by Republicans:

[embedtweet id="335116680499974144"]

[embedtweet id="335097469962682368"]

[embedtweet id="335115056721317888"]

[embedtweet id="335118484482695168"]

[embedtweet id="335121258423386112"]

[embedtweet id="335120630779359232"]

But then the White House started trolling them:

[embedtweet id="335104215863132160"]

The hashtag, which began trending, also inspired some political pundits to get in on the joke:

[embedtweet id="335118202113761280"]

[embedtweet id="335107475634278401"]

[embedtweet id="335099983093178368"]

[embedtweet id="335098244176674816"]

But even ultra-conservative Republican Rep. Steve Stockman knew where to draw the line:

[embedtweet id="335120430815932416"]

By Jillian Rayfield

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