Cuomo: "Shame on us" if New York City elects Weiner

The New York governor addressed Weiner's recently announced bid for NYC mayor [UPDATED]

By Jillian Rayfield

Published May 23, 2013 4:18PM (EDT)

Update - May 23, 4:16 p.m.: An unnamed official in the Cuomo administration told Capital New York that's the governor's remark was a joke: "The comment was made in jest - as the governor has said many times he has no plans to endorse in this year's mayoral election," the official told Azi Paybarah.


From Capital New York:

 When I told her of the Cuomo administration official's remark, Marie Morelli, the "Editorial / Opinion Leader" of Syracuse Media wrote in an email, "You have the comment in context. You can judge for yourself."

She also said the paper's policy "is not to release the audio of editorial board meetings."

From earlier:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a not-so-enthusiastic answer to questions about Anthony Weiner's recently announced run for New York City mayor this year.

In a meeting with the editorial board for the Post-Standard and Syracuse Media Group on Thursday, Cuomo had this exchange with SMG Chairman Stephen A. Rogers:

Rogers: "So if Anthony Weiner wants to run for mayor, he can run for mayor."

Cuomo: "He runs? He runs."

Rogers: "And if we elect him?"

Cuomo: "Shame on us."

Earlier, when Cuomo was asked if he had a reaction to Weiner's announcement, he replied: “None. No reaction. Look, my face didn’t move. No reaction.”

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