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The Internet is losing its mind over "Game of Thrones"

Twitter cannot believe that SPOILER ALERT happened to SPOILER ALERT at SPOILER ALERT, and people are freaking out

Katie McDonough
June 3, 2013 5:34PM (UTC)

Pity the poor "Game of Thrones" fan; the things those writers put you through! Stark clan enthusiasts, after witnessing Sunday's wedding-turned-bloodbath, took to Twitter to talk about their feelings (which they had a lot of) and their desire to throw up (which was a common theme).

A sampling of the agony and the ecstasy more agony:


[embedtweet id="341413884432883712"]

[embedtweet id="341476681606918144"]

[embedtweet id="341527741373480960"]

[embedtweet id="341498236554575872"]

[embedtweet id="341521812703825920"]

[embedtweet id="341423341636288512"]

[embedtweet id="341406267727814656"]


[embedtweet id="341381115887640577"]

[embedtweet id="341393191146250240"]

[embedtweet id="341374271509131264"]

Katie McDonough

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