Twitter reclaims unfunny "My girlfriend not allowed to" hashtag

Feminists and others mock the misogynist tag with jokes about parking restrictions and Spiderman

Published June 4, 2013 5:00PM (EDT)

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A "My girlfriend not allowed to" hashtag is trending on Twitter, which, as Huff Post editor Melissa Jeltsen points out, is disgusting:

[embedtweet id="341956016579149824"]

Relationship-y hashtags like "Mistakes Girls Make" and "Why I'm Single" trend on Twitter trend all the time, but this one -- though somewhat tongue-in-cheek -- invites an especially misogynistic and ugly brand of insecurity masquerading as comedy.

Thankfully, some of Twitter has recognized this, and feminists/people with better senses of humor are reclaiming it.

For example, there are things that your girlfriend is not allowed to do as a person:

[embedtweet id="341938376871669760"]

[embedtweet id="341946653613383680"]

[embedtweet id="341947901712400385"]

There are things she cannot do, sadly, because she is not Spiderman:

[embedtweet id="341947504637640705"]

Or other things:

[embedtweet id="341943927814889472"]

Basically, it comes down to this:

[embedtweet id="341958360322682880"]

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