Wheat Thins joins the Twitter sexists

The cracker company makes a bid for the misogynist market. What was it thinking?

Published June 4, 2013 7:14PM (EDT)

What the hell is Wheat Thins thinking?

Earlier today, Salon's Prachi Gupta reported that feminists were hard at work subverting the currently trendy, and fundamentally misogynist, #MyGirlFriendIsNotAllowedTo hashtag.

Ironic co-optation on Twitter is a fun game for the whole family to play, but that doesn't mean it's smart territory for a Nabisco snack food subsidiary to invade. Around noon, if you clicked on that hashtag, the first thing you saw was a "Promoted Tweet" from Nabisco.

[embedtweet id="341976361696649216"]

Seriously? "My girlfriend is not allowed to eat my Lime Wheat Thins"?

I'm guessing someone in Nabisco's social media department was thinking, hey, why not join the fun? We can be hip jokesters too! But when you take a closer look at what they've just associated their brand with, it seems like a remarkably stupid decision.

[embedtweet id="341994722337882112"]

[embedtweet id="341962631600558081"]

[embedtweet id="341962700320043008"]

And so on. Good grief.

UPDATE: That was fast. The tweet still exists, but it is no longer "promoted."

By Andrew Leonard

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