Gandolfini's death prompts rampant fat-shaming

Because being snarky on the Internet is way more important than being a decent human being

Published June 20, 2013 8:30PM (EDT)

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After James Gandolfini's death was reported yesterday, celebrities and fans took to Twitter to express their condolences. Surprisingly, given Twitter's reputation as a bastion of clear-eyed reason and empathy, some people took to Twitter to behave like obnoxious, condescending buttheads.

Some people used Gandolfini's passing as an opportunity to try out fledgling stand-up material, cracking wise about the infamous "Sopranos" finale, in which Tony Soprano orders a side of onion rings before the screen fades to black:



Others took an ostensibly earnest approach, expressing concern over the actor's poor health and eating habits (despite, y'know, not having access to his medical records or personal history or anything like that).




And, of course, some people just wanted to be assholes:




Of course, joshing about dead celebrities on social media is not a new phenomenon (anyone remember the "shoulda gone to rehab" cracks after Amy Winehouse died?). Still, considering the enormous scope of Gandolfini's influence on popular culture, one would think his fans would mourn his passing by reflecting on his accomplishments, rather than his waistline.

By Ej Dickson

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