The worst of the Paula Deen defenders

Fox News and #TeamPaulaDeen think The Food Network overreacted by letting the celebrity chef go

Published June 21, 2013 9:55PM (EDT)

The Food Network is letting go of its longtime host and celebrity chef, Paula Deen, responding to outrage over Deen's recent racist words.

Deen's use of racial slurs, her rep's response to the fiasco, and her bizarre apology have been indefensible. But Fox News, stalwart defender of civil liberties that it is, has come to her rescue. Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes said that the "liberal, anti-South media is trying to crucify Paula Deen."

"They accuse her of using a derogatory word to describe a black person. Paula admitted she used the word -- back in the 1980s -- when a black guy walked into the bank, stuck a gun in her face and ordered her to hand over the cash. The national media failed to mention that part of the story. I'll give credit to the Associated Press for telling the full story."

(Not to mention that Deen also expressed admiration for a wedding that would employ waiters dressed as black slaves.)

Now, scores of Paula Deen acolytes have taken to her Facebook page and Twitter to decry the actions of The Food Network and defend Deen:

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This comment from Facebook received 182 likes:

All you complaining to Paula for what she says behind close doors GET A LIFE!!!! My children did not learn the N WORD from Paula but from 2 African American kids referring to themselvesto it in the park! Clean up you're own house before pitching on others!#!

Another comment defended Deen by saying that "come on, everyone is guilty, so no one is guilty, f you really think about!": "racism comes in ALL colors and all colors are guilty. that doesn't make it right, but if you call one racist, then call the others racist. otherwise, you are being a racist"

By Prachi Gupta

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