Announcing Salon’s new comments system: It rules

We’re excited to roll out dynamic new social features, profile customization and more

Published June 25, 2013 1:01AM (EDT)

Our new commenting system is much more than just a way for you to post your thoughts on an article and respond to each other. Starting today, you’ll be able to create a profile that will turn your engagement with the Salon community into a dynamic social experience through features like friend-tagging and comment notification; you’ll be able to embed images and videos instead of just text; you’ll be able to follow topics that you choose in real-time; and that’s just the beginning. With the support of Livefyre, we expect to continue rolling out exciting new features in the weeks and months ahead.

For those of you with a current Salon account: Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to log in via your Google, Facebook or legacy Salon accounts -- and your commenting history has been transferred over to our new platform. New users can also create an account by using Facebook or Google (see the top-left corner of our home page).

Salon was one of the first sites to allow readers to comment on stories and we hope these new upgrades will spark a new wave of excitement among our readers -- some of you who have been hashing out debates in our comments section for nearly two decades!

If you are experiencing issues or have any questions, feel free to check the comments FAQ or email  We’ll be happy to help you through this transition.

Happy commenting -- and remember to play nice! For those of you who need a refresher on our community guidelines, here’s where you can find them.

By Salon Staff

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