Biden to Ecuador: Don't grant Edward Snowden asylum

The NSA whistleblower is reportedly in a Moscow airport, looking to go to a country where he will not be extradited

Published June 29, 2013 7:33PM (EDT)

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has been asked to not grant NSA whistleblower, charged with espionage, asylum if he arrives to the South American country. In what he described as a "cordial" phone conversation with Vice President Joe Biden, Reuters reports that the president is considering Biden's request. Reuters reports:

"He communicated a very courteous request from the United States that we reject the (asylum) request," Correa said during his weekly television broadcast, praising Biden's good manners in contrast to "brats" in Congress who had threatened to cut trade benefits over the Snowden issue.

Biden initiated the phone call, Correa said.

"When he (Snowden) arrives on Ecuadorean soil, if he arrives ... of course the first opinions we will seek are those of the United States," Correa said.

Snowden is reportedly in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport after flying to Russia from Hong Kong.

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