Sunday morning news roundup: Five major clips

This week, talking heads on the Sunday shows cover Egypt, Texas, immigration, Snowden and more

By Katie McDonough
Published July 7, 2013 6:26PM (EDT)
   (Face the Nation)
(Face the Nation)

For those who opted to have a nice (read: sans punditry) Sunday morning instead of a not-so-nice Sunday morning, five major clips from the morning news shows that you may have missed:

Gov. Rick Perry on "Fox News Sunday": "Mob rule" derailed Texas abortion bill

Rick Perry Decries 'Mob Rule' After Wendy Davis Filibuster

George W. Bush on "This Week": Immigration reform will be "difficult bill to pass," but Congress "looks like they’re making some progress” (at 7:38)

Mohamed ElBaradei cancels his appearance on “Meet The Press,” says he "expects be named, as early as today, firmly the leader of Egypt" (at 5:50)

Sen. John McCain on "Face the Nation": The United States must "suspend aid [to Egypt] until such time as there is a new constitution and a free and fair election" (1:13)

Sen. Robert Menedez on "Meet the Press": Countries that offer assistance to Edward Snowden are "taking a step against the United States"


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