Texas abortion battle resumes after hiatus

Thousands of demonstrators are expected at the Capitol for an all-day Senate hearing on the antiabortion bill

By Katie McDonough
Published July 8, 2013 1:30PM (EDT)
   (Fox News)
(Fox News)

The battle over abortion rights in Texas continues on Monday after a weeklong hiatus.

Six thousand demonstrators turned out for the first day of the second special legislative session last week, and thousands more are expected at an all-day Senate hearing on the omnibus antiabortion measure currently being considered by state lawmakers.

The public outcry against the measure was the focus of criticism by Gov. Rick Perry, who on "Fox News Sunday" called demonstrations during the first special legislative session "mob rule" and said Senate officials will not "let that happen again":

People have relayed to me that never in the history of Texas [have] they seen that type of mob rule come in and discombobulate a legislative session... It was the gallery that was out of control, literally out of control, with no ability to hear what was going on on the Senate floor. I think anybody who watched that would consider it to be mob rule.

Katie McDonough

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