Rush to caller: Don't watch Fox News

“Your blood pressure is gonna suffer if you keep watching these people," he said

By Jillian Rayfield
Published July 9, 2013 3:02PM (EDT)

A caller complaining about Fox News contributor and “Democrat-Obama-Alinskyite” Julie Roginsky was told by Rush Limbaugh to just "stop watching these people" because the shows on the network are designed to “make you question your sanity.”

"Tony from Tampa" was telling Rush about a panel with Roginsky and host Neil Cavuto, before Rush interrupted him to clarify:  " Oh, somewhere on Fox?" When Tony confirmed, Limbaugh told him he should just stop watching the network.

From the show's transcript:

RUSH:  You know, you need to stop watching these people, because they're not gonna change, Tony, and I really care about you. You've gotta stop watching these people.  All these names you mentioned, they're not gonna change, and you're exactly right: If all of this were happening with a Republican president -- which it wouldn't. It couldn't, by definition. We don't believe in these policies.  But if it were, you're right: They'd be raising holy hell about it and they'd be calling the president cold-hearted, mean, extremist, exclusionary, rich.

They'd be all over a Republican president.  But that isn't gonna change.  So your blood pressure is gonna suffer if you keep watching these people.  I mean, they're designed to get you ticked off.  They're designed to make sure you question your sanity.  You're gonna watch these people and say, "How in the world can we have such idiotic people?" and you're gonna think maybe they're not crazy and you are.

Via Politico.

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