The only good thing to come out of North Carolina's abortion crusade

A sneaky attempt to restrict abortion spawns an absurd political meme

By Katie McDonough
July 12, 2013 12:12AM (UTC)
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Vagina Motorcycle! (Ann Ayers)

This week, North Carolina Republicans continued their efforts to trample reproductive rights -- this time, with motorcycles.

With no public notice and three minutes to spare before the bill went up for debate on Wednesday morning, lawmakers inserted a series of sweeping antiabortion provisions into a motorcycle safety measure. The provisions of the bill are awful, would greatly restrict access and have faced criticism from state health regulators and the governor, as Salon has previously noted.


But lawmaker's latest attempt to roll back reproductive rights has yielded one wonderful thing: #vaginamotorcycle.


[embedtweet id="355120355679035392"]

[embedtweet id="355092979867865088"]

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And while not officially tagged with #vaginamotorcycle, this one still counts:

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Katie McDonough

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