Colbert grills Spitzer on his "self-comptrol"

"You had your fall from grace, or whatever her name was," Colbert told the former governor

By Jillian Rayfield
Published July 19, 2013 1:32PM (EDT)
         (Colbert Nation)
(Colbert Nation)

Stephen Colbert sat down with Eliot Spitzer, or as Colbert put it, a "registered lip donor," to talk about Spitzer's candidacy for New York City comptroller this year. "Given a position of this responsibility," Colbert asked, "shouldn't the position of comptroller go to somebody who has shown a modicum of self-comptrol?"

Colbert continued: "Before you had your fall from grace, or whatever her name was, you were the governor of the state. Aren't you at one and the same time both above and below this job?"


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