Texas Republicans want Wendy Davis to foot the bill for special sessions

“Wendy Davis should reimburse the taxpayers for the entire cost," said Republican state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione

By Katie McDonough
Published August 1, 2013 4:12PM (EDT)
Wendy Davis               (AP/Eric Gay)
Wendy Davis (AP/Eric Gay)

Texas' three back-to-back special sessions may leave taxpayers on the hook for close to $2.4 million in expenses, but state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, has a plan to alleviate the cost: Make Wendy Davis pay for it.

“I think we need to remember why we are having this extra special session. One state senator, in an effort to capture national attention, forced this special session," Capriglione said. “I firmly believe that Sen. Wendy Davis should reimburse the taxpayers for the entire cost of the second special session. I am sure that she has raised enough money at her Washington, D.C., fundraiser to cover the cost.”

The first special session ended in June, after Davis' filibuster helped to (temporarily) defeat the state's sweeping abortion ban, but Gov. Rick Perry promptly called lawmakers back to the Capitol, vowing to pass the anti-abortion measure.

Davis, for her part, isn't having any of it, saying: “I firmly believe in fair and equal pay and being responsible with taxpayer dollars. I will request and accept state per diem pay only for days I am in Austin for official duties. Any compensation provided me in error will be promptly returned to the state.”

“It's unfortunate that the leadership in power squandered taxpayer dollars pursuing partisan politics before Texas priorities and forced an unnecessary special session,” she added.


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