Rangers pitcher goes on misogynistic Twitter rant

Matt Garza was angry at Oakland A's infielder Eric Sogard for a bunt during Saturday's game

By Jillian Rayfield
Published August 4, 2013 6:43PM (EDT)

Texas Rangers pitcher Matt Garza went on a Twitter rant against Oakland A's infielder Eric Sogard and his wife, after Sogard made a squeeze bunt in Saturday's game to help the A's win the game. "[C]hildish is having your wife speak for you! Certain people can't shut there [sic] woman up!", Garza tweeted later on.

From CBS Sports:

[Garza] chirped at Sogard while walking off the field, but after the game he tried to play it off by telling reporters "I asked him if there were any good places to eat in Oakland."

Apparently Garza was still rather annoyed about the bunt hours after the game ended, so annoyed that he went on a Twitter tirade against Sogard (@EricSogard) and his wife Kaycee (@KayceeSogard). Garza, who tweets from the locked account @Gdeuceswild, went off the rails.

Though Garza's account is locked, the tweets were preserved by Twitter user Mike Taddow:

[embedtweet id="363848661865730049"]

According to CBS Sports, Garza tweeted a non-apology later on: "I appreciate the love baseball fans, sorry I let my competitive edge out, guess people thought athletes don't care. Don't like me don't follow."

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