$325,000 burger's mystery founder was Google's Sergey Brin

The live tasting of the synthetic meat is happening now in London

By Lindsay Abrams
Published August 5, 2013 12:09PM (EDT)
 Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Freedom to Marry/Flickr)
Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Freedom to Marry/Flickr)

"Sometimes a new technology comes along and it has the capability to transform how we view our world," said Sergey Brin in a video posted this morning by Maastricht University. As a co-founder of Google, he's in a strong position to tell us when there's a technology that "seems like it's on the cusp of viability" and worth paying attention to.

What Brin has set his sights on is a path to meat that skips the cow -- a burger even PETA can get behind, and that one day could have major implications for sustainable food production. As revealed this morning, he was the anonymous donor bankrolling Dr. Mark Post's $325,000 effort to create lab-grown synthetic meat from stem cells.

The first public tasting of the lab burgers is taking place in London now. Watch it live here.

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