Former Milli Vanilli member now makes Electronic Dance Music

Fab Morvan is recording a project called "Fabulous Addiction" in Holland

By Prachi Gupta
Published August 5, 2013 3:50PM (EDT)

Question: What does a disgraced rapper from the 1990s do in 2013?

Answer: Make EDM songs, duh.

In a recent interview with Oprah, Milli Vanilli's Fab Morvan revealed what he's been up to since the rap duo was exposed for lip-synching its music. Morvan's partner, Rob Pilatus, tragically committed suicide in 1998 after battling with drug addiction for years. Morvan, however, was luckier: Determined to not let the shame of his band's failure take over his life, he found solace in a place where so many lost souls do -- in the thumping, dizzying vibes of electronic dance music.

"About 3, 4, years ago I came to Holland for the fashion project," he said. "I have this main project I'm working on, called Fabulous Addiction."

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