Anti-Obama protests in Arizona turn racist

Attendees reportedly began singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep" and shouting that Obama is "47 percent Negro"

By Jillian Rayfield
Published August 7, 2013 8:55PM (EDT)

An Anti-Obama protest in Arizona reportedly became racially charged when attendees began shouting that the President is "47 percent Negro," among other things.

The Arizona Republic reports that during the President's economic speech at a Phoenix high school on Tuesday, anti-Obama protesters outside of the school began singing "Bye Bye Black Sheep" at one point, with one holding a sign that said "Impeach the Half-White Muslim!"

“He’s 47 percent Negro,” Ron Enderle, a 77-year-old protester, shouted.

From the Republic:

Judy Burris said that she blames Obama for racism in America reaching heights not seen since the 1960s Civil-Rights Era.

“We have gone back so many years,” she said. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

Via TPM.

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