Alec Baldwin reportedly to host MSNBC show

The "30 Rock" actor is expected to host a weekly on Friday night

Published August 9, 2013 1:30PM (EDT)

For better or worse (worse), "30 Rock" actor Alec Baldwin will soon be a television host on MSNBC, according to an exclusive report from Mediaite. A senior source within the industry claims that Baldwin will get the coveted 10 p.m. slot in MSNBC’s Friday evening lineup. The show, currently untitled, "will feature a large dose of Baldwin’s outspoken liberal politics," reports Mediaite.

The network has told Mediaite, however, that “We’re fans of Alec but we’ve got nothing to say regarding this unconfirmed report.”

Although Mediaite is of the opinion that "the gig would make sense, considering Baldwin’s long history with the NBC family," the outlet seems to forget that Baldwin also has a long history of unchecked anger, unleashing verbally abusive tirades against everyone from journalists and airline staff to his own family. And now, it seems, Baldwin will have yet another platform for his rage.

While celebrity chef Paula Deen lost her entire food empire over racist remarks, Baldwin didn't get so much as the proverbial slap on the wrist after his most recent outburst, in which he intimated that a "toxic little queen" would enjoy having Baldwin's "foot up your fucking ass" via Twitter. In fact, GLAAD accepted Baldwin's dismissive non-apology.

Tomahto, tomah-sodomization, as the saying goes.

By Prachi Gupta

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