"Breaking Bad" fans pay homage to series

A parody video that spins the series as a romantic comedy, and an imaginative musician recreates the theme song

Published August 12, 2013 4:32PM (EDT)

As fans are digesting the gripping mid-season premiere of "Breaking Bad," a few have been celebrating the return of Vince Gilligan's series with videos of their own.

Canadian musician Andrew Huang recreated the "Breaking Bad" theme song using items that could be found in Walter White's meth lab, like a propane tank and a laboratory flask:

For some unfathomable reason, OfficialComedy.com remixed R. Kelly's "Ignition" with clips from the show:

And MHK Productions imagined "Breaking Bad" as a (fairly convincing) romantic comedy between Walt and meth lab partner Jesse Pinkman:

In case you're not caught up on the show, yet, here's a nine-minute refresher:

And here's the promo for the next episode, "Buried":

By Prachi Gupta

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