Her Majesty The Queen seeks a maid

Those who don't enjoy "being part of a team,"or require more than the $18,000 starting salary, need not apply

Published August 13, 2013 5:37PM (EDT)

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Global Post Do you enjoy wandering the halls of a large palace all day, subsisting as much on your good attitude as your paycheck? You may want to apply for a job as Queen Elizabeth's maid.

Her Majesty is looking for a full-timehousekeeper at her Edinburgh, Scotland residence, the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The first requirement for the would-be helper is to pronounce "Holyroodhouse" properly; the second is to enjoy being "part of a team."

Here's the trouble: While the queenmakes more than $50 million annually, the starting salary for the position is about $18,000 per year. A pittance, if you ask us. Technically, the royal palace is honoring Britain's minimum wage laws, but we'd wager more is spent every year on the fleet of royal corgis, who've been known to dine on only the finest meats.

The housekeeper would have to work 37 and a half hours per week, and has the option of staying at accomodations provided by the Royal Household — that means late night exploration around a spooky castle, no doubt.

It seems the job also entails real work beyond acting out your favorite scenes from Downton Abbey. You'll need skills in dusting antiques and "specialist cleaning," as well as "meeting, greeting and guiding guests at functions and events."

The latter could be fun, depending on the guest.

Still interested in the job? Here's the full ad.

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