Oil Exec: Oklahoma is "haunted" by wind turbines

Harold Hamm doesn't even like to look at clean energy

Published August 20, 2013 7:32PM (EDT)


Harold Hamm is "one of the most influential oil-industry executives and one of the richest people alive." He's also a Don Quixote for the 21st century. Speaking with National Journal, the founder and CEO of Continental Resources argued that the government shouldn't be subsidizing wind power:

If it's economic and people want to do it, fine. I frankly don't like to see a wind turbine. Once they're there, they haunt you. That's your viewshed. That's what you look at. All those things standing out in the distance, we have them all over Oklahoma. And it doesn't look very good. I frankly don't like it.

Hamm is no climate skeptic, and even acknowledges mankind's role in global warming. His only suggested solution, though, is population control. He's not so much a fan of federal regulation of oil and gas. The irony of worrying over the haunting presence of wind turbines instead of, say, the haunting presence of fossil fuels released into the atmosphere, appears to be lost on him.

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By Lindsay Abrams

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