Liz Cheney pays fine for fishing license flap

Cheney had lied about her length of residency in Wyoming to obtain the license

Published August 22, 2013 1:44PM (EDT)

Liz Cheney paid a $220 fine in a Wyoming court on Wednesday, after being cited for lying about her length of residency in order to obtain a fishing license in the state.

According to the Jackson Hole Daily, Cheney had received a ticket from the Wyoming Game and Fish Jackson supervisor because she “fail[ed] to meet residency requirements as required." Cheney, who is running in the Wyoming Republican primary against incumbent Mike Enzi, was accused of falsely stating how long she'd lived in the state in order to obtain a resident fishing license.

From the Jackson Hole Daily:

Cheney has said she bought the license in 2012 after buying a house near Wilson earlier in the year. A resident license costs $24, a nonresident one $92.

She has moved to the house from Virginia.

She has said that she did not know one was required to live in Wyoming for the immediately previous 365 days to qualify as a resident. She said she never told the clerk who sold the license she lived in the state for 10 years, although the clerk marked her application “10” under the category of years of residency.

The mini-scandal highlights one of Cheney's biggest problems in mounting her challenge to Enzi -- namely, that some residents think she shouldn't run in the state at all. One editorial in the Gillette News Record in July, in fact, said,  “Hey, Liz Cheney: If you want to run for U.S. Senate, try it from Virginia or some other state."

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