Hawaiian Airlines to replace flight entertainment system with iPad minis

Starting September 1, the airline will allow passengers to pre-order the devices for $15

Published August 30, 2013 3:36PM (EDT)

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Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it is to replace its in–flight entertainment system with a fleet of iPad Minis. It's the first American airline to do so, although the devices have been found on the other side of the cockpit door for a couple of years now.

The airline will offer the devices for $15 to passengers who pre–order––the same price as the outgoing in–flight entertainment charge, and $17 to those who don't. Business Class users will, of course, get the service for free. The service, which wouldn't have happened without the say–so of the FAA, will be rolled out on its fleet of 767–300 aircraft from September 1.



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