A single hunter caused the enormous Yosemite fire

Pot farmers are off the hook

By Lindsay Abrams
September 5, 2013 10:29PM (UTC)
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The hypothetical illicit marijuana growers have been cleared as blame for the Yosemite Rim Fire shifts to a lone hunter. The U.S. Forest Service announced today that the unnamed individual somehow let a fire get so out of control that it became the fourth-biggest wildfire in California's history.

Although the fire was set illegally, there's no reason to believe the hunter was involved in any way with marijuana cultivation. That's good news for the already vilified pot growers. It's not so great for hunters: According to the Associated Press, California's No. 1 biggest forest fire was also started by a hunter back in 2003. In that case, it was a novice who panicked upon getting lost and sent up a signal flare.


No arrests have been made yet. But imagine how it must feel to know you're individually responsible for this.

Lindsay Abrams

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