Russia positions missile cruisers in the Mediterranean

As U.S. pushes for strikes, Russia says navy operation is "routine"

By Natasha Lennard
September 5, 2013 11:33PM (UTC)
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According to Russia state news agency Interfax, the Russian navy has sent a missile cruiser to the Mediterranean in what military sources have called "routine" operations overseeing interests in the region, but aligning with the crescendoing U.S. war cries for strikes in Syria and adding to Cold War undertones of the geopolitics du jour.

"The Cruiser Moskva is heading to the Gibraltar Straits. In approximately 10 days it will enter the east Mediterranean, where it will take over as the flagship of the naval task force," said a military source.


Reuters reported that the Russian foreign minister said that the missile cruiser's movement was no indication of Russian intentions for military action:

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Russia has no intention of getting dragged into any military conflict over Syria.

Vladimir Putin continues to insist that any strikes against al-Assad's regime without U.N. support would be illegal.

Natasha Lennard

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