Madonna's Reddit AMA: The strangest moments

The pop singer seems annoyed by fans' questions, curses at them during an online chat

By Daniel D'Addario
September 17, 2013 6:20PM (UTC)
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Madonna (Reuters/Bogdan Cristel)

"Give Me All Your Luvin" singer Madonna sat for a Reddit Ask Me Anything last night -- and repeatedly asked her fans to "send photo."

The short phrase kept coming up when fans asked to go on a date with the Super Bowl 2012 halftime performer; when a fan demurred, Madonna said, "show me your internal beauty then." The singer seemed testy and brusque, telling a Reddit user that her best recent birthday present was "a bong in the shape of a penis" and declaring, "i am a gay man." And when asked what a user ought to do with hydrangeas -- a flower Madonna famously loathes-- the "4 Minutes" singer replied, "up your ass."  Replying to a question about whether she would release a perfume, she replied, "dont get me started on that tired ass subject."


The Reddit AMA has become a de rigueur stop for public figures promoting something, including, during last year's presidential campaign, Barack Obama -- and Madonna herself is set to release an as-yet-unspecified "secret project" next week. And yet despite the fact that the singer preserved some hauteur by proclaiming it an "Ask Madonna Almost Anything" (emphasis ours), there was something reducing about the whole thing. The pop singer is as crass and punctuation/capitalization-averse as any Reddit user. The AMA had the veneer of earnest engagement with fans -- and yet revealed Madonna to be less conversant with the robust give-and-take of discourse online even than the president. She seemed annoyed to be doing it at all. And yet she has to get people excited about her projects -- after all, as she asked one user who asked if she would ever perform a tour solely of songs that weren't hits, "who is going to pay my overhead?"

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