Heartbreaking photos from Mexico's twin hurricanes

At least 80 are dead and 58 more missing as the country is repeatedly pummeled by storms

By Lindsay Abrams
September 19, 2013 5:37PM (UTC)
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A tropical storm, a hurricane, then that first storm again, reformed as a second hurricane. Mexico is reeling from the impact of Hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel, where mud slides and flash floods are responsible for at least 80 deaths.

Authorities say 58 more are missing after a landslide swept through a small coffee-growing village near the mountains near Acapulco, where Hurricane Manuel touched down for the second time Thursday morning. It is unlikely that they survived.


Hundreds of the area's poorest residents, the AP reports, "slogged through waist-high water to pound on the closed shutters of a looted Costco, desperate for food, drinking water and other basics." Tens of thousands of tourists in the region are stranded and "furious" as rains give way to pressing heat. Looters at the beach resort, reports Reuters, "carried off everything from televisions to Christmas decorations."

Yet another tropical storm, meanwhile, is making its way to the country's Gulf Coast, which was already hit by Ingrid.

The AP's released raw footage of the twin storms' impact:


More scenes from the continuing disaster, working backward through the week, are below:

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