"Breaking Bad" cast drops hints about finale at the Emmys

The cast calls the final episode "the holocaust," "apocalyptic"; farewell, "Breaking Bad"!

By Daniel D'Addario
September 23, 2013 5:41AM (UTC)
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Bryan Cranston as Walter White in "Breaking Bad" (AMC/Ursula Coyote)

The Emmys may be honoring the first half of the final "Breaking Bad" season tonight -- but everyone's talking about the finale.

As the Emmys, awarding the best of the past year in television, unfold, the cast is looking to next week's final episode. Bryan Cranston, who plays show protagonist Walter White and who is nominated for Best Actor in a Drama tonight, said on the red carpet that "We have to see if anyone survives the holocaust," and called the final episode "unapologetic."


The show has gotten darker each year of its run, and speculation over who will survive the meth-dealing saga has been deafening across Twitter. And Anna Gunn, who plays conflicted wife Skyler, went further than Cranston, saying that the finale would be "apocalyptic" during a red-carpet interview.

These are scraps, but they indicate that things won't end calmly. The "Breaking Bad" finale will air next Sunday; its penultimate episode has overshadowed the Emmys, perhaps even at the Emmy ceremony.

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