"Duck Dynasty" star: "This country was founded on ... Bible-toting, God-fearing men and women"

The star of the hit reality series sounds off on divorce and America losing its way

By Daniel D'Addario

Published September 24, 2013 3:50PM (EDT)

"Duck Dynasty" is among the most popular programs on cable; though the A&E reality series about a family famous for manufacturing duck calls didn't make a splash at the Emmys and doesn't come in for as many detailed recaps online as does, say, "Homeland," it hit 11.8 million viewers with its season premiere in August 2013.

The show's success may be based upon its cultural conservatism. At least that's what one of the program's stars, Si Robertson, told Fox News when asked why "Duck Dynasty" had taken off:

Well, I think it's going back to the pioneer days. We're reminding Americans what this country was founded on, Bible-toting, God-fearing men and women.

Asked whether people "get divorced too easily," Robertson told Fox News:

Look the Bible says that you marry for life okay. It's a lifetime decision. They look at it way too trivial. [sic, throughout]

And, though he doesn't weigh in on any hotter political issues than the divorce rate, Robertson implies yet again that America has lost its way by ignoring the Bible:

That's a lot of the problems now. Look a lot of people don't believe there's evil. If there's good in this world, then you're being intellectually dishonest, if you believe there's a good power you've also got to believe there's an evil power too. There are physical laws that are in place.

Robertson's memoir, "Si-Cology 1: Tales and Wisdom From Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle," is currently at No. 1 on Amazon's bestseller list in many metrics, including "Hunting," "Outdoor Recreation" and "Biographies and Memoirs: Rich and Famous."

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